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Hello there,
If you have problem with the video not loading please refresh the page ( CTRL + F5 ) and the video will work for sure!
We are checking why some times is not loading ... we will fix the problem as soon as possible!

Thank you! PornXStar Team

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Hello to all,
We just change our domain name with, you can login with the same username/password from the old website, no information/data was lost!

Hope you guys like us and we wish you to have much fun on our website!

For some suggestions let us know on the commend,

Thanks to all!
PornXStar Team

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Hello all!
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We thanks to everyone for the support!
PornXStar Team

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Hello to all visitors.

We are working to make your favorite porn website!

If you get some errors don't worry we will fix them all soon! If you see an error what is not fix in 2 days please contact us with the information ( where you get the error and what did you try to do before to get the error )

Hope everyone is happy with our new website! And don't forget to Like your favorite videos!

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